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Executive summary  


Approx 25 years ago I got three guidelines regarding solving the task -  how to use free thermal energies and (close to) no electricity - for the making of drinking water from seawater - in an industrial scale. 

1. The boiling part/making the steam, was already solved.

2 The ultimate task was to transform the steam into pure water - fast enough - scalable - and by also only using thermal energies. 

3.  The most energy consuming part would be to chill the steam significantly - get this chilled steam to attach as drops to a chilled surface - and then harvest the drops fast enough. 


If 2 and 3 are solved - the impact would be a gamechanger -  was the message from the experts. 

And yes - this tasks has now finally been solved

And we use close to no electricity...

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Donate to the

Pilot Sponsoring program

35% goes to Pilots in developing countries/regions

35% to Pilots on all affected continents 

30% - The rest will be used to establish, evolve and manage the organisation and the site -


To get it all started I reach out to you - the recipients of the early emails -  and then all others who subsequently get this good news - to make private donations - before the invited organizations get around to react.  The hope and vision is that a significant part of you in the UN-System, governments, financial institutions, other relevant institutions - and everybody else affected - embrace the WaterUnity Foundation as presented - as a place where you pool together a part of your efforts and resources - regarding this new recipe on a reliable source of pure water - to benefit us all.

Every other week we will add up and publish the total amount donated with some statistics and additional information.  How - and from where comes the first re-actions - in this way?

  • As of 18.07.2023

  • Private donations - Origin - Norway - Anonymous

67.0 EUR

  • Donations from public and private organizations

00.0 EUR​

  • From18.07.2023 to 07.10.2023

  • Private donations

00.0 EUR

  • Donations from public and private organizations

00.0 EUR

Total                                67.0  EUR


Please note

We are now building the organization - which is closely linked to the donations.

Before available fundings for hiring and expanding - the founder is the only one to answer emails.  

It may therefore take some time before you receive a response. The best thing you can do to improve the response time is to contribute with a donation.


Thank you very much!

Very best

Terje Tjensvoll

Thanks for e-mail

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